About SCIGON Solutions

A Full Service Company

Based in Chicago, SCIGON Solutions offers a complete suite of full-service technical offerings that cover the entire software development process. From initial design and architecture through development, testing and documentation creation, SCIGON’s professionals have the ability and experience to advance our customers projects at the lowest cost and with the highest efficiency.

SCIGON Solutions intersects the responsiveness of a small business with the capabilities of some of the world’s largest and most successful off-shore resources.

Moreover, SCIGON is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and is awaiting certification as an SBA Small Disadvantaged Business. These certifications, reinforced by our capabilities in a range of specialties—including Automated and Manual Software Testing, Application Development, and Technology Training—equip us to meet your business and diversity goals.


Delivering a wealth of day-in, day-out practical experience to each and every engagement, SCIGON’s professionals have successfully completed hundreds of projects for businesses throughout Chicago and across the U.S. More importantly, we complement our project-based services with training to equip businesses with the skills and tools to continue realizing the benefits of these relationships even after a particular project is complete.

Our Approach

SCIGON is committed to providing innovative solutions that better enable our clients succeed. While technology provides the tools with which we reach these aims, we place the most value on the human element; and center our processes on client meetings and one-on-one relationships to better understand their needs. Our consultants integrate knowledge of your industry, your vision, and your needs to implement technologies and practices that optimize your use of resources. Moreover, we design solutions for quick integration and scalability. This approach minimizes maintenance needs and enables customer systems to accommodate the dynamics of internal growth and a changing technological landscape. SCIGON Solution’s focus on technology that fits your business strategy increases productivity and sharpens your competitive edge.

Our Clients

Our direct clients Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies; and major insurance, bank, medical, manufacturing, and consumer services companies; as well as a wide variety of smaller technology, manufacturing, and internet companies.

Our People

Our success is centered on the belief that quality people are at the foundation of achievement. We seek out and recruit energetic individuals with the experience and ability to produce quality work with the client’s bottom line in mind.’


SCIGON is local, wherever you are

Based in Chicago, SCIGON focuses on technology companies throughout the Midwest, but our reach extends across the U.S. and globally. Our hands-on approach to project-based consulting involves putting our professionals on-site, regardless of our clients’ locations. Capitalizing on advances in communications, security and virtualization technology, we augment the services of on-site professionals with a vast network of off-site and off-shore resources based at major city centers of the U.S. and Europe. We meet customer demand, regardless of customer location.

We embrace success

Yes, we admit to be obsessed with success—your success. SCIGON has created a comprehensive suite of services that address all phases of application creation and development, and our customer-centered approach allows us to customize these for your specific environmental and business needs. When our customers succeed, we succeed. We seek to create a symbiotic relationship with each of our clients. We see this as the only viable definition of success, and we don’t keep it a secret.

We have vision

We keep our eyes open. SCIGON distinguishes itself from other companies in the technology consulting sector through its embrace of emergent technology. We don’t believe in doing business as usual, because in the age of the internet, the only constant in business is constant change. We do business differently than we did a year ago, and our approach to technology solutions today will probably be markedly different from our approach this year. By staying abreast of new developments in the Information Technology arena, and using an experienced eye to glean the very best of these, we keep a robust set of tools and methodologies sharp and ready to bear on providing the very best solutions to our customers.

We light the way

We believe the most valuable service SCIGON can offer its customers is the ability to continue on a course of improvement and success after an engagement for our consulting services ends. We begin most engagements with an assessment phase that identifies the unique needs and opportunities of a project for a particular client. We also discuss the client’s needs in terms of deliverables, which can often involve training specialized for a given environment and future needs.

We believe our approach to training, which is designed to complement our consulting services by equipping customers with the practical knowledge to continue where our consultants leave off, stands as a unique offering among consulting firms. We believe that empowering customers with the tools and knowledge to succeed independent of consultants specializing in a particular area strengthens the relationships that are at the core of our business.