Business Cloud Services

Turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (Saas)

SCIGON Solutions provides turnkey Cloud-based solutions for the Enterprise. Our clients benefit from the scalability, performance, security and availability of Cloud-based solutions. They also eliminate the hassle and expense of onsite servers, platform patches and updates, and infrastructure management. Moreover, our clients access their private clouds from any device, at any location.

Cloud and Virtualization

We provide customers with high performance clouds and dedicated private clouds that provide on-demand access to the infrastructure, applications, and data needed to satisfy your financial, operational, and IT objectives. Cloud services are designed to support high-volume constant and bursting workloads across the network, disk, CPU, and bandwidth. Moreover, our Global IP Network provides direct connectivity to leading domestic and international end-user networks and Tier 1 providers for access to every destination on the Internet.
By outsourcing cloud infrastructure through SCIGON, you can achieve the performance and economics of dedicated servers on a burstable and scalable basis.

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Managed Services

Enterprise businesses need to adapt to increasing IT performance, reliability and security demands. SCIGON helps companies meet these demands through managed business Cloud services. Cut costs and transition capital expenses to operational expenses by offloading complex IT tasks to our Cloud engineering team. We will create a customized Cloud-based solution that meets your company’s operational requirements. Our managed services can be tailored to your specifications, and provide a seamless integration between the Cloud and your internal systems. These services include:

Dedicated Servers

We tailor virtual servers to your exact specifications, providing a balance of value, performance, and flexibility, while integrating platforms and infrastructure with your core business.


SCIGON views network security as the first line of defense against intrusion, and we apply this mandate to network security in the Cloud. Our Firewall services ensure that network security in the Cloud integrates with the way you do business through customized security policies and high-availability support.

Network Management

Our engineering professionals optimize your network performance and handle ongoing management. We focus on network management solutions that cut costs and increase performance and reliability.

Managed Storage with Customized Backup and Restore Services

We implement customized storage solutions centered on data type, required access speed, and scalability. Our engineers will also collaborate with your team to develop an effective backup and restore strategy that protects the full integrity of your data against disaster, deletion, or corruption.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our monitoring systems provide assurance that customer systems achieve consistent performance, allowing Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel of any service degradation and enabling them to initiate remediation.

Data Center Migration

SCIGON’s engineers will migrate and deploy your infrastructure and platforms into our Cloud environment without downtime.

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