Enterprise Application Development

Our enterprise application development services extend conventional application functionality to enterprise-centered capabilities.

Systems Integration

SCIGON builds platforms. When you take a big-picture view of how people work, you see the divisions between applications and devices begin to blur. Web sites need to do more than convey static information, and they can come to life on more than a desktop monitor. Desktop applications need to do more than facilitate number crunching and word smithing, and they no longer live on an island. Phones still connect people, but they do so in ways that reach far beyond voice.

Our system integration services bring together component subsystems into a unified whole for the enterprise. This ensures that mobile applications, websites, and internal applications link together to act as a coordinated resource that meets enterprise needs. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, and with expertise across enterprise-grade technologies from Microsoft, HP and Cisco, we leverage enterprise-level technology to equip our customers with the tools and technologies for enterprise-wide systems integration.

SharePoint Development

SCIGON works with a wide array of content management and document management systems, and our expertise in SharePoint development equips our clients with access to:

  • Development of custom SharePoint components
  • Intranet portals
  • Enterprise content and document management
  • Secure, role- and group-based permissions
  • Cross-application interoperability
  • Tight integration with .NET services

Business Intelligence

We have a strong record with a range of Business Intelligence technologies, with particular expertise in SQL Server BI and Cognos. If you have SQL Server and want to leverage the capabilities available through a Microsoft-based solution, we have experts in development, reporting and testing under SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS.

An IBM Advanced Business Partner, SCIGON has established a strong practice with: Cognos Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Development—Our custom software development expertise can be used tocomplement, extend or create new functionality under Cognos
  • Consulting—Our Cognos consultants are leading experts in the Business Intelligence industry and can handle implementation of enterprise Cognos solutions, and help take BI objectives to the next level.
  • Training—SCIGON leverages the FACET (Fun Adaptive Collaborative Explorative Training) Cognos training system developed in collaboration with IBM by our VP of Business Intelligence, Allen Vaysberg. From the end user to the report author, architect or administrator, our IBM Cognos training solutions provide effective ways to make your BI professionals proficient with Cognos.
  • Solutions—We offer a variety of turn-key solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently to address enterprise Business Intelligence requirements.

Legacy Code Modernization

SCIGON handles forms of legacy code migration, data conversion, transformation, renewal and portability. Our approach intersects technological capabilities with business outcomes, so we appreciate the business value in legacy systems, as well as strategic options that center on preserving these valuable assets.

We provide services to migrate existing applications to the power and flexibility of state-of-the-art information environments:

  • Websites can be updated to use standards-compliant XHTML/CSS and responsive themes to deliver a better user experience. Incorporating technologies like Ajax and Web Services provide legacy web sites with an additional boost while addressing user demands for higher levels of interactivity and functionality.
  • We can add GUI interfaces and completely web enable legacy applications used internally, by business partners, and by customers.
  • Database modernization services span switching from flat files to relational database technology, or increase performance of existing database applications through pre-compiled stored procedures, modern indexing mechanisms, and other emergent database technologies.
  • SCIGON can update the presentation tier to take advantage of web-enabled technologies, asynchronous operations, and client-side technologies for a richer user experience.
  • Accessibility and localization are an increasingly important component of applications, and can often be a mandatory part of doing business. We use standards-compliant techniques to bring accessibility and localization to legacy applications.

SCIGON’s approach to updating legacy code addresses needs to meet standards, naming conventions, and data formatting requirements while taking advantage of object-oriented technologies and rich user interfaces. The result is an application that is more scalable, portable and maintainable than legacy code, providing better long-term ROI for the enterprise.

We can tailor our enterprise application development services around your specific needs, so feel free to contact us for more details.

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