Hiring Heroes

Information for Employers seeking Veteran Talent

SCIGON Solutions understands the meaning of “Mission Critical” when it comes to workforce needs. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and have a unique appreciation for the skills and abilities veterans bring to bear on an organization’s success. SCIGON is committed to helping you build a skilled, highly motivated team that drives IT toward achieving your business goals.

The Value of Veterans in Today’s IT Environment

  • American military veterans combine technical skills, training and dedication to achieve success
  • Veterans respect the value of organizational leadership and a team-oriented approach to success
  • Our country’s military heroes adapt quickly to the evolving needs of today’s business environment through the quick acquisition of new skills and through the ability to apply experience in new ways to get the job done
  • Attention-to-detail is an engrained part of life for armed forces veterans, enabling them to bring a high level of quality to every aspect of their work
  • United States military personnel achieve leadership experience and independence early in their careers and contribute these abilities to the success of their teams
  • Veterans understand the meaning of “Mission Critical”

SCIGON’s Hiring Heroes Program Goals

SCIGON Solutions works with forward-thinking companies to recruit, train and hire veteran military service personnel.

Our Hiring Heroes Program equips American military service veterans with the tools and resources needed to access career-track employment opportunities at exceptional companies. SCIGON Solutions was co-founded by a U.S. Navy veteran, and our leadership team truly understands how the capabilities, experience, dedication and motivation exhibited by American service members place them head and shoulders above their peers for the lasting contributions they make to today’s business enterprise. American companies that compete in global markets are a natural fit for skilled veterans, and we seek to help these companies and professionals succeed by bringing them together.

Hiring veterans offers corporations an opportunity to contribute to America’s global competitiveness and helps strengthen the economic base of our local communities.

Need Help Establishing or Advancing Your Company’s Veteran Hiring Initiatives?

Your company understands and appreciates the rich combination of skill, experience and ability that veterans can contribute. But…

  • How to tap into that pool of talent?
  • How to manage a formal veteran hiring initiative?
  • How to train internal resources, like hiring managers and HR professionals, to identify veterans with appropriate commercial skills and experience for corporate jobs?
  • How to identify and take advantage of incentives, such as tax credits for hiring veterans?

In addition to sourcing skilled and experienced veterans for IT positions, SCIGON helps employers establish veteran hiring initiatives. We can work hand-in-hand with your hiring managers and Human Resources professionals to zero in on positions that are an appropriate match for veterans with equivalent military experience. We can also help you identify tax credits and other incentives for hiring veterans, and can use our alliance with IT training schools to help veterans bridge the skills gap between military training and required commercial skills. SCIGON will collaborate with your company to provide American military veterans access to the best career opportunities that our country’s business enterprise can provide.

Ready to Start Hiring Heroes?