Lab Equipment and Calibration

Now offering a large selection of Lab Equipment, Liquid Handling Instruments, Consumables, ISO 17025 Calibration Services.


Oxford Lab Products line consists of premium pipettes and becnh top equipment. All products are designed focusing on new ergonomic technology, ease of use and innovate features and benefits. Oxford products are sold under the Benchmate Brand name and include:

  • Single Channel Manual Pipettes
  • Multichannel Manual Pipettes
  • Electronic Single Channel Pipettes
  • Mini Centrifuges
  • High Speed Centrifuges
  • Clinical Centrifuges
  • Single and Multi Magnetic Stirrers
  • Digital Plate Shakers
  • Digital Tube Rollers
  • Mini and Digital Vortex Mixers


CAPP is one of the global market leaders in multichannel pipettes. Renowned for being the first company to create an autoclavable multichannel pipette and to produce 64 channel pipettes for 384 liquid handling.

  • Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes
  • Pipette Controllers
  • Repeater Pipettes
  • Pipette Tips
  • Centrifuge Tubes
  • Serological Pipettes
  • Centrifuge
  • Magnetic Stirrer
  • Vortexer
  • CappWash Plate Washer

ISO 17025 Service

With over 20 years of calibration experience, is dedicated to helping scientists achieve the highest level of reproducible results. We promise to provide the most accurate and precise calibrated pipettes on the market. You will feel the difference next time you pipette.

  • All work is completed at our ISO17025 Accredited and FDA Registered facility
  • We focus on Metrology so you get the best results
  • We service all brands & models
  • We repair all pipettes makes and models
  • Customized service options available to ensure your needs are met
  • Statistical Data to analyze your calibration cycles


Accupet Pipettes are ideal for precise and efficient pipetting within your budget. Optimized for the utmost convenience, all Accupet products, including the

  • AccuPet Pro
  • AccuHelp
  • AccuPet Jr
  • Accupet Evolution

Are crafted to be visually pleasing, comfortable, and high performing. They are suitable for left and right hand users and are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight.

We carry:

  • Single Channel Pipettes
  • Multi Channel Pipettes
  • Motorized Pipettes Controllers
  • Fixed Volume Pipettes Tips Tips are designed to fit Universal shaft and Rainin LTS®.

Key Features :

  • Made from 100% virgin polypropylene
  • Made in USA in an ISO & FDA Certified facility 
  • All tips are certified FREE of RNase/DNase; Pyrogen/Endotoxins, Bioburden and PCR inhibitors
  • Sterile products are ISO 11137 certified & approved for Diagnostics and GMP Labs
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Packaging is printed with Soy Inks
  • Made in a facility where 33% of energy is supplied by Solar Power

Name Brands

Scigon Solutions has an access to the most recognized brands worldwide.


  • BrandTech
  • Drummond
  • Eppendorf
  • Gilson
  • Labnet
  • Sartorius (Biohit)
  • Cell Treat
  • Labcon
  • Next
  • Benchmark
  • Scientific Industries
  • Thermo
  • And more