Systems Engineering

Meeting Needs of the Enterprise

SCIGON offers a full suite of services centered on meeting enterprise System and Software needs.  enterprise, effective application development requires a multi-tier approach to maximize the benefits of reusability, scalability and portability. With a focus on .NET, Java and PHP development for the enterprise, our consultants benefit from a full understanding of emergent technologies for Web and device-based applications. Paired with our experience in conventional development technologies and methodologies, these capabilities equip us with the right combination of experience and ability to see major development projects through to their successful completion:

System Quality

SCIGON brings system quality and software testing efforts to the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that your relationship with SCIGON should not only increase ROI and improve your system quality, but should also save you time and frustration. We achieve these aims through a close adherence to industry best practices, paired with industry leading solutions.

System Security

Leveraging industry-leading Security System solutions from IBM, SCIGON helps organizations to better manage the risk of exposing their business-critical data, while improving business continuity and reducing overall costs. We implement network security services as a first line of defense, and follow through with Application Security and Security Intelligence to ensure 360 degree security for the enterprise.

Business Intelligence

SCIGON’s consultants are the leading experts in the industry, and our experience can help you take your projects to the next level. Leveraging IBM Cognos, we deliver Analysis, Implementation, Database, and Custom BI Development solutions. SCIGON also offers effective training solutions for Cognos.

Business Cloud Services

We provide customers with high performance clouds and dedicated private clouds that provide on-demand access to the infrastructure, applications, and data needed to satisfy your financial, operational, and IT objectives.

Process Assessment

SCIGON’s Process Assessment service pinpoints bottlenecks in your workflow, identifies opportunities for improvement, and delivers solutions that enable businesses to realize the full potential of their IT teams. Taking a participative approach to system process assessment, SCIGON’s professionals work with your team to develop a sustainable and continuous approach to process improvement

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